Applying A Coating (Roof Coating)


It is extremely important to apply roof coating on your roof. The roof is what bears the strains of the weather. After years of withstanding many seasons, the roof of your house needs added protection or necessary repairs.

Applying a roof coating provides many advantages. The coating acts as a protection by reflecting the heat from the surface of the roof. The roof coating helps improve the functionality as well as extend the life cycle of your roof.

There are different kinds of roof coating. Silicone roof coatings help refurbish your roof. Instead of reroofing, you can apply this UV resistant roof coating to increase the sturdiness of your roof. Silicone roof coatings have the property of enduring different weather elements. It acts as an insulation as well as a protection for your roof. If you wish to use silicone as your roof coating, it is recommended you choose a white silicone coating.  They have the quality of reflecting the heat right off the roof.

Essentials to follow Before Applying a Roof Coating

1.   Make Sure The Roof Is Clean And Smooth  

Before a layer of roof coating is applied, you need to ensure the entire surface is clean and smooth. If there are any greasy, dusty rough surfaces, the roof coating will not be installed properly. Make sure the entire roof surface is swept and is free from all kinds of dust and dirt. If need be, take a power washer and clean the entire roof surface.

2.   Where Necessary, Scrub

If need be, scrub areas of the roof where the exteriors are peeling of. If there are any stubborn dirt and debris, scrub to make sure there is no sign of grime left. After scrubbing, let the roof dry before you start your roof coating project.

3.   See If Any Repairs Are Essential

Once the roof has completely dried, you need to check for any necessary repairs. You need to fix any open seams, cracks, and blisters in the roof before you begin your roof coating task. If there are any signs of leakage or damages in the roof, you need to get it inspected by a professional repair and restoration roofing contractor before you start applying a coating on the roof.

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