Expert Siding: Rapid City Weather and Your Home’s Exterior

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While your roof is your home’s first defense from the weather, your siding is also important when protecting your biggest asset, your home. Just like your roof, siding can get old and damaged from the natural elements. So let’s talk about siding, rapid city weather, and when it’s time for a repair or replacement. 

What are the benefits of siding?

There are many benefits to note about composite siding:

  1. Siding is very durable
  2. It’s low maintenance and easy to take care of
  3. Overall its energy efficient, saving you money
  4. There are a lot of options for style and color

With these benefits you’ll be spending less time maintaining your home’s exterior and more time relaxing. 

How does the weather affect your siding?

Weather plays a big role in ruining your siding. The most common damage is caused by temperature change. When the temperature changes suddenly it can cause expansion and contraction in some siding types. Heavy winds, snow and hail storms can also cause extensive damage to your home’s siding. Not all weather causes damage though, sometimes your siding just begins to dull and get discolored from the natural elements. 

So what are the signs of siding that needs replacement?

  • There could be punctures or chipping from debris
  • It could be warped or cracked from temperature changes
  • Pieces could be loose from heavy winds
  • Or your siding can just start to look old and faded

If you notice any of these signs, it’s best to call a contractor immediately to fix the damage. Once your siding is damaged, it’s easy for the outdoor elements, such as rain and bugs, to come inside your home. Once these elements have a way in, they can cause severe damage such as flooding, mold or mildew build up, and even infestations. 

What do we recommend as the best siding for your home’s exterior?

Education is key to making a comfortable and calculated decision that will allow you to sleep well at night. Pro Exteriors recommends the tough, durable siding by LP Smartside, as it holds up against hail and storm damage. They also offer a wide range of options, such as cedar or smooth finishes, and over 15 different color choices. First impressions are important, and that includes your home’s exterior. Curb appeal is everything for appraisals and house value, so it’s important that you keep up the good looks with premium siding.

Our team members will work with you to create the perfect siding option that will enhance not only the functionality of your home, but also its beauty. We offer several colors and profiles to choose from, as well as matching soffit and fascia, so you are sure to find the perfect option that will suit both your preferences and budget requirements. What’s more, your new siding will be installed by our factory-trained and experienced technicians according to manufacturer specifications and the industry’s best practices to ensure that it will perform optimally and look its best year after year.

Don’t wait to repair or update your home’s exterior, call Pro Exteriors today, for the best siding in Rapid City. 



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